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Enabling Master Data Automation across the Enterprise Ecosystem. 


SDX enables retailers to define manage, govern and share their business critical data definitions across the internal and external business ecosystem. It streamlines the business workflows and gives private permissioned access to all the stakeholder. It decreases the cost dramatically while increasing the real-time visibility across the value chain. By using technologies like Robotics, Cloud, Blockchain, and AI/ML, SDX empowers the enterprise to securely share and access the "data at rest" giving unforeseen business agility and advantages with extremely high Return on Investment.

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SDX has a customizable data definition engine which enables our customers to quickly define new data elements like new Assets, or Master data elements

SDX has product master, customer master, vendor master, cost center/profit center and other Finance, Sales and Supply Chain related modules in built


SDX enables us to launch business critical new data elements relevant to our customers business in real-time

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SDX enables peer to peer transactions in the business ecosystem  


SDX is decentralized; all authorized partners receive atomic events in real time, reducing complex integration points in the business network  


SDX manages ownership of all the events on the ZChain Blockchain eliminating disputes, forgeries, and risks

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SDX comes ready with SAP data posting using the Robotic Process Automation technology by vendors like UiPath and Automation Anywhere


SAP BOTS cuts down the time by 90%, and cost by 60% given business the agility they are looking for

BOTS enable error free posting of data, with a very repeatable and scalable process

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SDX enables continuous governance of the most important business critical data elements


SDX has inbuilt requestor, approver, and SAP fulfillment roles for internal organization

SDX enables external vendors to have limited view of the same asset/data set as pre-approved by the customer. 

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SDX has a unique algorithm for its participants. It integrates with most ERP systems, like SAP, out of the box to create a "database of record" and a single place for the entire eco-system as "origin of truth" 


SDX enables its customers to create a shared, yet distributed, trustless, highly efficient economic business network



SDX facilitates every part of the retail chain, from supplier to retailer to customer, exposing the origination of parts and materials used  


SDX enables customers engagement at the Point of Sale to gather information about products including Food, Farm, and Humane Environment amongst others  


SDX provenance removes the possibility of fraud, dispute, and achieves the goal of 100% anti-counterfeit products 

What We Do

RPA + Blockchain + Enterprise = ZChain

  • Member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem

  • Automation Anywhere Reseller & System Integrator

  • UiPath Reseller & System Integrator

  • AWS Authorized Consulting Partner 

  • Hyperledger & Ethereum Practitioners

About Us

ZChain is the next generation Robotic Automation Product & Services company focused on Retail, Oil & Gas vertical. We have automated solution in domains like Master Data, Logistics and others.


ZChain is an official partner of SAP, AWS, UiPath and Automation Anywhere. ZChain provides complete services for these Robotic Process Automation technologies while having deep domain expertise in Finance, HR, Sales, Inventory and other retail processes.

ZChain also specializes in Blockchain based solutions. ZChain enables Blockchain for any supply chain environment using open source technologies like Hyperledger and Ethereum. We specialize in Robotic Process Automation, IoT, DevOps, AI/ML services. We have extensive experience in next generation SAP technologies including Leonardo, S/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform and others. Our solutions are built to address big pain points prevailing in the enterprise, and our decades of industry experience help us customize our offering to changing market needs.


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